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  GI's at the Rainbow Corner Red Cross Club in Paris, France  
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William Beven Army

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William Andrew Beven (Bill) - 4815 Views
honored by William Beven Jasper-son

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Assigned: Army Air Corps-30th Transport Group, 303d Transport Squadron
Highest Rank: Captain
Exited Service: 1/7/1945
Location of Service: CIB China, India, Burma
Gender: male
Service Related Injury: Killed on active duty, C46 Crash, Reno, NV
Military Position: Pilot-Air Transport Command
Place of Separation: Reno, NV
From City: Muscotah
From State: Kansas
Current State: Kansas
Date of Birth: 10/1919
Date Deceased: 01/1945
My War Stories
  1/7/1945 Capt. Bill Beven departed on a training mission 07 Jan 1945 with 4 crew members. The C46 exploded inflight shearing a wing and the plane crashed near Reno, NV AFB. All five crew members were killed instantly. Bill had survived the treacherous flying of the CBI (China, Burma, India) and was one of the two surviving members of his squadron to return to the U.S. alive.
  1973 The 1973 intentional fire at the National Archives Records Administration Center totally destroyed over six million military records. Captain William Beven's were among them.

My War Awards
  • Air Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross Medal
  • Presidential Unit Citation
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  Newspaper photo reporting death of Captain Beven. Newspaper photo reporting death of Captain Beven.