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James Duncan Army

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James J Duncan (Jim and Dude) - 3485 Views
honored by Penny & Candy Haaland-nieces

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Assigned: 29th Division, 116th Infantry, 3rd Batallion, Co L and 175th Infantry
Highest Rank: Private First Class
Entered Service: 2/13/1943
Exited Service: 2/22/1946
Foreign Service Length: 2 years, 15 days
Continental Service Length: 1 year, 4 months
Location of Service: Central Europe
Gender: male
Basic Training: Fort Hood, Texas
Service Related Injury: Major injuries-listed MIA until he was identified.
Military Position: Army Combat Infantryman
Place of Separation: Camp Grant, Illlinois
From City: Chicago
From State: Illinois
Current State: Alabama
Date of Birth: 01/1924
Date Deceased: 07/1994
My War Stories
  2/13/1943 Jim attended basic training at Ft. Hood, TX and Camp Carson, CO.
  6/15/1944 Jim was transferred as a replacement soldier to the 29th Division, 116th Infantry, where he participated in the brutal Normandy Campaign, Northern France, Rhineland and Central Europe campaign as a combat infantryman.
  7/30/1944 Jim received major injuries as an infantryman and reported Missing in Action. His two sisters were at a movie theater in Chicago when the usher came to get them and tell them to go home immediately. His mother has received a telegram that Jim was MIA. He remained on this status for several weeks until he was well enough to identify himself in the hospital overseas. He returned to combat duty on 24 Aug 1944.
  10/6/1944 Jim was listed as a battle casualty at Aachen, Germany. He was suffering from battle exhaustion with injuries. On 26 Oct, his mother received another telegram that he was "slightly wounded in action." On 03 Nov, she received a correction to the previous telegram, advising that he was "more than slightly wounded." He spent more than two months in the hospital recovering. He was returned to the line and his unit continued to battle it's way through Germany and it served as an occupational until until returning to the U.S. from Bremen, Germany.
  1945 James had fought admirably in four major battles, earning four bronze battle stars for Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland and Central Europe. His Scots-Irish heritage had served him well. Jim was a fighter and a survivor. His skills in shooting had kept him alive. Despite receiving substantial injuries twice, he had returned to the combat line.
  6/22/1946 Jim Duncan was honorably discharged at the Camp Grant Separation Center in Illinois. He had served two years, 11 months and 10 days of active duty. After the war, Jim used his mechanical skills and military automotive training to pursue a career in auto mechanics. This training he passed on to his three sons. He also had two daughters.

My War Awards
  • American Campaign Medal - WW II
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • European - African - Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
  • Marksman Badge
  • Overseas Service
  • Purple Heart Medal
  • Sharpshooter Badge
  • World War II Victory Medal
My War Pictures
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  James J Duncan 1944 James J Duncan 1944