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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  USS Leo Ammunition Load Carrier at Sea Korean War 1952  
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Wendell Brooks Marine Corps

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Wendell Clark Brooks (Brooksie) - 2095 Views
honored by Katherine Geiger, granddaughter

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Gender: male
From City: Lynn
From State: Massachusetts
Date of Birth: 03/1920
My War Stories
  1945 I don't know what years my grandfather served. He flew an F4-U Corsair in the Battle of the Coral Sea, and knew Charles Lindbergh and Pappy Boyington. I would be grateful if anyone who knew him is still out there and could add to the few bits of information I have about him.

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  USMC ?year in front of plane (probably F4-U, maybe SNJ) USMC ?year in front of plane (probably F4-U, maybe SNJ)