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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Chester Randolph Army

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Chester Van View Randolph (Randy) - 1214 Views
honored by The Randolph Family

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Assigned: 40th Infantry Division - 185th Infantry Regiment
Highest Rank: Private First Class
Entered Service: 3/11/1944
Exited Service: 10/4/1945
Foreign Service Length: 7 months, 19 days
Continental Service Length: 1 year, 3 days
Location of Service: Philippines
Gender: male
Basic Training: Camp Roberts, Ca.
Service Related Injury: Head wound, hand wound
Military Position: Rifleman
Place of Separation: Dewitt General Hospital, Auburn, Ca.
From City: Lodi
From State: California
Current City: Camino
Current State: California
Date of Birth: 09/1918
Date Deceased: 06/1995
My War Stories
  2/25/1945 During the battle to secure the Island of Luzon, Chet and members of the 185th Infantry Regiment fight against Japanese forces entrenched in the Zambales Mountains. On February 25, 1945, the 185th make a rapid charge up the mountainous area to overtake Hill 1700, a strategic military objective. After taking the Hill, Chet and men of the 185th raise the American Flag. During the Battle for Hill 1700, Chet will receive a grenade wound to his hand, the first of his two combat wounds.
  3/29/1945 In the early morning of March 29, 1945, Chet's F company of the 185th Infantry Regiment slipped ashore on the Philippine Island of Los Negros and overwhelmed Japanese guards protecting the Bago River Bridge, a vital miltary crossing for Japanese troops and supplies. By securing the bridge, which had been set with expolosives, the remainder of the 185th Infantry was able to land on Los Negros unopposed. Chet would receive the first of three bronze stars for his participation.

My War Awards
  • American Campaign Medal - WW II
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal - WWII
  • Bronze Star Medal
  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • Philippine Liberation Medal - World War II
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Purple Heart Medal
  • World War II Victory Medal