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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  USS Leo Ammunition Load Carrier at Sea Korean War 1952  
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Albert MacLeod Army

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Albert John MacLeod (Al) - 1792 Views
honored by Rachel MacLeod, granddaughter

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Highest Rank: Soldier
Entered Service: 1/1/1946
Exited Service: 1/1/1947
Foreign Service Length: 9 Months
Location of Service: Fort Eustis, Virginia
Gender: male
Basic Training: Fort Eustis, Virginia
Military Position: private
Place of Separation: Fort Dicks, New Jersey
From City: New Rochelle
From State: New York
Current City: Westerville
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 06/1926
My War Stories
  1946 Al MacLeod was drafted into the war while living in New Rochelle. He attempted to enlist two years prior, but they wouldn’t accept him. His memory of his first few days in the service is very foggy, but he does remember that it felt like vacation.
  1946 Al MacLeod’s boot training experience contained a lot of marching, learning to fire a rifle, long marches, and carrying duffle bags. He does not remember his instructors, but he didn’t mind training because he loved exercising and being in shape.
  1946 The war that my grandpa participated in is WWII. He stayed in Germany, New Jersey, and Virginia, guarding German prisoners of war. He remembers that he rode a ship and a train to arrive to his first base. He recalls that it was very cold on his ship, and he didn’t realize that he should put his blanket beneath him instead of on top. His job in the army was to play baseball for the team in the army. When he was recruited to the army, the war was already over, so all of the troops were in high spirits and they never saw combat.
  1946 One of my grandpa’s most memorable experiences is when his ship was leaving Bremen haven, Germany, and the whole thing was ice bound. He remembers sitting at the bottom of the ship and all he can hear is the ice rumbling against the ship. The ship was traveling through the English Channel.
  1946 A funny incident that my grandpa experienced in the war is when he went to receive his monthly paycheck and the person giving him his paycheck asked if his name was spelled correctly, and it wasn’t. But when my grandpa told him this, they informed him that they could not give him his paycheck. This went on for six months in a row. So, in order to make money, he sold the two cartons of cigarettes he received a month to the local Germans.
  1946 In order to stay in touch with his family, my grandpa would send letters back home. He also mentioned that the food was pretty good, and if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t eat it. In order to entertain themselves, on pay days the soldiers would play a big game of crap, or a poker game. They also had a bar on base where they could sit and drink beer together. When my grandpa was in Munich, they had shows in the theatre, and they also had movies on his base.
  1946 An unusual event that took place while over seas is that my grandpa found a long-haired schnauzer that he named Sporty, and he took it back home with him after his service. My grandpa made many good friends while in the service, and he liked his officers.
  1946 My grandpa was in Fort Dicks, New Jersey when he was discharged. He went home immediately after to see his family and friends. Using the G.I. Bill, my grandfather went to Kentucky University and played baseball there. After college, he worked for a cigarette company called LORILLARD.

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