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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  USS ESSEX based TBMs and SB2Cs dropping bombs on Hokadate  
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John Vadala Army

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John Vadala - 1356 Views
honored by John Vadala, Son

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Highest Rank: Spec 4
Entered Service: 12/1/1965
Exited Service: 12/1/1967
Foreign Service Length: 2 years
Continental Service Length: none
Location of Service: Vietnam
Gender: male
Basic Training: Fort Jackson
Service Related Injury: None
Military Position: Communication
Place of Separation: Fort Stewart, Georgia
From City: Brooklyn
From State: New York
Current City: Westerville
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 12/1945
My War Stories
  12/1/1965 My father was telling me about the day he got drafted and how excited he was to go. He had wanted to college but he figured this was the next best thing. Shortly after that he was transfered to Fort Jackson for his basic training. He told me that was the most stressful part of his short life at the time. After it was over he had made some friends but they were soon to depart for their next stop...Vietnam
  2/4/1966 He had soon arrived in vietnam and said to himself "man this sure is a hellhole". Setting up everything in their barracks they all spoke of their family back home before being briefed for their next task. Learning how survive in the heat with all you're gear on while being safe and not overheating and passing out from dehydration. So many hours later my father and several other recruits had gotten done with the task they had been given and about passed out considering the extreme heat and weight on them had been killing them.
  4/21/1966 The recruits didnt have names to eachother, they simply called eachother by the city they were from. My father was called Brooklyn. So one night while they were on watch for the Viet-cong they heard a rustling noise in the bushes. Guns ready they began talking to eachother. "Brooklyn see anything?" "Nah Nashville." Next thing you know a loud shot rang out and the spurt of blood and the sight of eyes. When they all ran over to check it and see what it was they started laughing. It had turned out to be some species of puma. While they looked at it they saw that Nashville had shot it right between the eyes.