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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Roger Bock Marine Corps

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Roger R. Bock - 1698 Views
honored by N.J

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Highest Rank: Corporal
Entered Service: 1/12/1966
Exited Service: 1/12/1968
Foreign Service Length: 13mos
Continental Service Length: 11mos
Location of Service: Vietnam
Gender: male
Basic Training: San Diago, California
Service Related Injury: no
Military Position: Field Radio Operator
Place of Separation: New River Air Facility, Jacksonville, N.C.
From City: Rocky River
From State: Ohio
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 06/1945
My War Stories
  1/12/1966 Roger R. Bock was living in Cleveland when he enlisted. He join the Marine Corp to straighent his life. He picked the Marine Corp to see what it takes to become a marine.
  1/12/1966 First day, he had to report to the boot camp. He felt nervous but exciting at the same time. he only had eight weeks to prepare for Vietnam. It was the toughest trainging and only short amount of time to get ready. For Roger the only way to get through was just do what the instructor told him to do. The first place they went was Danagm, then Con Theism, and last Dong Ha. When they arrived at those places, it was like facing the unknown .Roger's job was Field Radio Operator. He's seen combats but also everything else.
  4/1966 He hasn't seen his wifey for almost three years and the only way he could contact with his wife and family was by mail. The soliders mostly eat can foods ( old).They had plenty of supplies. Roger was more stress than pressure. They basically entertain themeselves with record players and newspapers. The soliders travel to Califorina, Vietnam and North Carolina.
  1/12/1968 Some of the pranks that they pulled on the other soldiers were mostly non-existing things. After his service ended Roger didnt go to school so instead he got a job. Now Roger is very supportive to his fellow officers ans soldiers. 30 years later Roger joined a Veteran's Organization. In a Veteran's Organization, most of the activities they have is mostly Cermonies and just a normal days. As for his career, Roger is R.Manager for a Insurance Company. The military experience influenced Roger in a possitive and supporitive ways for the military.
  2/1968 Roger earned Ribbons and Medals while he was at Vietnam. These include The Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam service Medal, Republic of Viet. Gallantry Cross Unit Citation , and Republic of Viet. Campaign Medal.

My War Pictures
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  The tants that they were staying at. The tants that they were staying at. In Vietnam In Vietnam Roger during his service. Roger during his service.
  Roger again. Roger again. Roger and his buddies resting. Roger and his buddies resting. Vietnam Vietnam