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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Richard Smith Navy

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Richard Smith (Smitty) - 1144 Views
honored by Bryan Willett

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Highest Rank: E5
Entered Service: 12/1/1984
Exited Service: 2/1/1996
Foreign Service Length: 2 years
Continental Service Length: 8 years
Location of Service: San Diego, Spain, Italy, France, Thailand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, and Japan
Gender: male
Basic Training: San Diego, California
Service Related Injury: Knee injury and pins in left wrist from a helicopter crash.
Military Position: Operations Specialist
Place of Separation: NAS, North Ireland
From City: Columbus
From State: Ohio
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 02/1967
My War Stories
  1984 Richard Smith joined the military, signing up from Columbus Ohio, in order better himself. He joined the navy in order because his cousin had done same. He remembers felling scared yet excited to be joining the navy. He was excited to see more of the world than just the city and country that he had seen his whole life. Sr. Chief Jones was his demanding instructor. He was admittedly scared all during his training in San Diego California. He described the training as very physically and mentally demanding. He recalls getting yelled at for every that he did wrong. He prayed and did everything that was told of him in order to make it threw these demanding times.
  1984 Richard Smith enjoyed the lifestyle of being in the navy. He was one of the only people who actually admitted to enjoying the food that the armed forces would serve him. He was excited to eat what he wanted for each meal. Richard sent mail to his family as well as calling them on the phone in order to communicate with them. He enjoyed his time off from all of the pressures that were put on him by the military. He would play ping pong, video games, cards, basketball, and visit the USO. When at the USO he saw the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders as well as many musicians. He also played many pranks with his friends. They put shaving cream in between the pillows to get shaving cream on those who angered them. They also put Vaseline on the locks so people get it all over their hands when they open their lockers. His friends included Mark Smith, Darrell McAlister, Chris Johnson, and Christopher Paddock. He stays in contact with his ship mates who he describes as great, smart, and good ship mates.
  1984 Richard Smith served bravely in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He was injured in a helicopter crash. As a result of this helicopter crashed he had knee surgery and pins in their left wrist. How the helicopter crashed is classified. Nuclear weapons security was his main responsibility during his service for our country. His company saw combat during his service, and they saw some casualties. How ever there was good that came out of his service. His best moment he said was seeing the Coliseum in person when he was in Italy. He had seen pictures of it and had always dreamed of actually seeing it. He says it was amazing and much better than he had ever imagined.
  1996 His last days of his service, Richard Smith was in NAS North Island in San Diego, California. He said that he was sad to leave the military. He would miss his friends, and he would miss the lifestyle. When he left he went back home to his family. He went threw refresher training to get ready for civilian life, and he attempted to find a job. His first job back he worked in a juvenile detention center. He says his service made him a better man and a better person. He is proud of serving and proud of those who also serve in the military. “Service is a great way of life and can benefit many men in their lives,” Richard Smith explained.

My War Awards
  • National Defense Service Medal (National Defence Medal.)
  • Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal (Navy achievement metal from the secretary of the Navy.)
  • Navy Expeditionary Medal