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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  Westminister Victory, New York July 1946 coming from World War II  
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Lucille Sharp Army

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Lucille Sharp (SSG Lucille Sharp (Deloney)) - 1323 Views
honored by Erick Hudson

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Highest Rank: SSG/E-6
Entered Service: 11/11/1981
Exited Service: 8/24/2005
Foreign Service Length: 2 years
Continental Service Length: 22 years
Gender: female
Basic Training: FortDix,NJ
Service Related Injury: heel spurr
Military Position: Automated Logistical Specilist 92A30
Place of Separation: Cleveland Ohio
From City: Cleveland
From State: Ohio
Current City: Cleveland
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 02/1957
My War Stories
  11/11/1981 SSG Lucille Sharp (Deloney) enlisted on November 11th 1981. She wanted to join the army because her father and brother were always talking about their service and the different branches of military. She also wanted to be the first female in her family to join the military and serve her country. She remebers her basic training to be challenging but she was able to get through it by having a positive attitude.
  11/11/1981 the first day when you get to bootcamp is you have to go to the reception station where you orientation meetings, physcial examination,and the issues of your clothing. the men had to get their hair cut to standards and we had to get shots. the also mad a personal file record of us. we were trained for the next eight weeks. after the first week of being at the reception station a big old cowage truck came and picked us up and took us top the basics traning site. when we got there we were assigned to our company and drill sargent and they explain everything to us. they tought us about first aid, nuclear biological chemical agents, confidence course, feild traning, obstacle course, hand granades, fire and maneuver, and we also learned about the M-60 machine gun, and physical traning you had three different phrases the we had to complete and they only gave you three chances top pass it and if you did not pass them you had to start over again and if you did not make it they sent you home. after the eight weeks of hard work the best part was graduation and seeing your family again. and then from there we went to AIT traning school where you mastered in your job experiences and that lasted from eight mounts to a year