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Melvin C. Wrasman
Staff Sergeant - Air Force
Melvin Wrasman
Assigned: 117th AC+W Squadron
Highest Rank: Staff Sergeant
Location of Service: Scott A.F.B. / Sewart A.F.B. / Morocco
Gender: male
Basic Training: Loackland A.F.B., San Antonio
Place of Separation: Camp Kilmes, New Jersey
From City: Delphos
From State: Ohio
2/1/1950 - 8/28/1953
Honored by Bitts

My War Stories
2/1950 13 weeks basic training at Lockland A.F.B., San Antonio, Texas.
3/1950 Scott A.F.B., Ilinois. Assigned Radio Maintenance School 36 weeks and 32 weeks of advanced training on all ground and air borne radio receivers and transmitters. Trained on small engine and generator repair.
1951 Assigned to Georgia National Guard unit that had been activated for the Korean War.This was 117th AC + W Squadron. Sewart A.F. B., Nashville, Tennessee. Assigned to replace teh guardsmen who did not want to go overseas.
1952 Assigned to French Morocco. Setup radar sites all over Morocco as part of the cold war with the Soviet Union. Later assigned as a site chief of a radio relay site in the Altas Mountains.