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because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Gary Lee Hearing
SP5 - Army
Gary Hearing
Highest Rank: SP5
Foreign Service Length: 1 year,1month,1day
Continental Service Length: 2years,7months,5days
Location of Service: South Vietnam
Gender: male
Basic Training: FT.BLISS,TEXAS
Service Related Injury: none known of however a possibility he did not mention it..
Military Position: Fixed Ciphony Repair
Place of Separation: OAKLAND,CALIFORNIA
From City: Salem
From State: Arkansas
Current City: Harrison
Current State: Arkansas
Date of Birth: 09/1948
Date Deceased: 04/1999

Awards and Citations

  • Army Commendation Medal (Saved his Bn by calling for Air reinforcement on time with only one casuality.Got information and deciphered the North Viet Cong language and saved our convoys at La Trang.)
2/26/1968 - 9/30/1970
Honored by Patricia Ellen Thompson,Sister

My War Stories
1/1/1969 I remember the day my brother told us that he was volunteering into the Army.I was about 121/2 years of age I was sad but happy for him too. He sure was a proud fellow.He said it was the patriotic thing to do,He did not want to wait to be drafted .In two weeks he left for boot camp at Ft. Bliss,Texas and told me that he was going to take my little and me away from our parents when he could because he did not like us living in the enviroment we were suffering in.Our Dad was a Disabled American Veteran from WW11 and 100%.He was an abusive alcoholic to us all.My brother knew this would be our only chance for a good healthy life.Even though he said,I may not make it home from the war I am going to still take care of you girls,He was a fine young man of his time what he instilled in me was the true spirit of an American Hero.He tried his best even if at times it wasn't the best he did what was right for people,He loved those little South Vietnamese people he said,"They are beautiful Patty I really hated leaving them there in that war." He donated to them after he came home up until his death.My brother loved people in general and it was hard for him to have to watch them suffer.He cared enough to give unto this country and ask for nothing in return..My Hero ,My Brother,The Army Man...