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because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Roy Cole Hearing
Seaman Second Class - Navy
Roy Hearing
Assigned: Seaman Second Class/Mechanical Engineer
Highest Rank: Seaman Second Class
Foreign Service Length: 1year,11months,15days
Continental Service Length: 2years,10months,13days
Location of Service: South Pacific Theater
Gender: male
Basic Training: San Diego,California
Service Related Injury: severely injured head trauma,gut shot
Military Position: mechanical engineer
Place of Separation: U.S.N.H. St. Albans L.I.N.Y.
From City: London
From State: Arkansas
Current City: Redlands
Current State: Oklahoma
Date of Birth: 08/1920
Date Deceased: 11/1990

Awards and Citations

  • Purple Heart Medal (the ship he was on was struck by the Japanese and many were left wounded and damaged for the rest of their lives he saved his Captain by lifting him up and throwing him over board and several others before he was wounded so bad he couldnot function no more and was rescued himself...)
7/2/1942 - 12/19/1944
Honored by Patricia Ellen Thompson,Daughter

My War Stories
8/19/2010 I am not really for sure what happened to my Dad ,However he was wounded in the war and was 100% Disabled Veteran all my life and my siblings it was because of men like him that fought for Freedom to keep us safe and I Honor him more than anything despite his anger I chose to Love him and respect him I know that my Dad is looking down on me today from Heaven and saying that's my Girl I finally made my Daddy a proud man because I always Loved him unconditionally mistakes and all...I know that I need to add also that My Dad despite anything that he still deserves to be called My Hero too.If a person would only look deep into a Veterans eyes they will see the Love that I too have seen..They gave their all..My Dad gave for me also...