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Marion Gray
Technical Sergeant - Army
Marion Gray
Assigned: 29th Division 116th Regiment, Company A
Highest Rank: Technical Sergeant
Location of Service: Europe
Gender: male
Military Position: Combat Medic
Current City: Groveport
Current State: Ohio

Awards and Citations

  • World War II Victory Medal
12/8/1941 - 9/27/1945
Honored by MWH

My War Stories
12/8/1941 Enlisted one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor at Fort Hays. Marion had studied pharmacy and pre-med at the Ohio State University.
1942 Went Camp Roberts, California for Combat Intelligence. Later transferred into the Medical Corps.
1943 Went with the 29th division 116th regiment to train for over a year for the invasion of France.
6/6/1944 Marion was part of the first wave on D-Day 116th Regiment, Company A which was hit the hardest with very few men surviving. Marion was wounded two times as a medic but made it through that morning alive. He was later transferred to the USS Charleston and did not remember anything else until he got to the hospital in South Hampton, England where he spent 30 days before returning to his original company near Saint Lo
7/18/1944 Marion and his regiment liberated Saint Lo, France. From there he went through Cherbourg, France. From there they went north through Paris, then Belgium then into Germany.
5/1945 Pushed to the Elbe River and held defensive positions until the war was over in Europe.
6/1945 Transferred to the 69th Division as a combat medic.