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because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Brandon Christopher Zaffini
E-4 (Specailist) - Army
Brandon Zaffini

Highest Rank: E-4 (Specailist)
Foreign Service Length: 1 Year
Continental Service Length: 1 Year
Location of Service: Iraq and Kawait
Gender: male
Basic Training: Ft. Bennings, Georgia
Military Position: 11 Bravo (Infantry)
From City: Columbus
From State: Ohio
Current City: Columbus
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 03/1987
Honored by Jaclyn Broyles , Cousin

My War Stories
2006 The reason why Brandon served is because he thought it would be cool. He also knew that he would benefit by getting scholarship money for his education.
2007 One of Brandon’s most memorable moments was when he was on a mission with his convoy and there was a roadside bomb. Which caused one of the HUM-V’s to burst into flames. The convoy and Brandon were trying to secure the area by blocking everything off. While doing so he had to wait 12 hours for vehicle recovery.