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because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
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Leon Hanes
airman 2nd class - Non-Military
Leon Hanes
Assigned: supply
Highest Rank: airman 2nd class
Foreign Service Length: 3 years
Location of Service: north Africa
Gender: male
Basic Training: New York
Military Position: Supply
Place of Separation: New Jersey
From City: columbus
From State: Ohio
Current City: Columbus
Current State: Ohio
Date of Birth: 12/1934
9/1/1952 - 9/1/1956
Honored by My Uncle

My War Stories
3/1952 December 23 1934: Leon Hughes was born in Columbus Ohio September 1952: He joined the navy reserve he was 17, he wanted to travel and he had dropped out of high school. He joined during the Korean war and the Red scare that was caused by the cold war which was a tie of mass hysteria and fear of communism. December 1952: he left for basiic training in New York. He also had his birthday during basic training. After some time in The Navy reserve he decided to transfer to transfer to the Airforce 1953: he goes to supply school in New Jersey he stays there till August. Augustb1953: He is shipped off to supply duty in Tripoli North Africa March 1955: He is relocated to Alberquerque New Mexico to a site where they had tested atomic bombs . 1956: he left active duty and spent another 4yrs on the reserves He left the Military with his hghest rank as Airman 2nd class After he left the service he came back to his hometown of Columbus , Ohio.
12/1956 Leon joined because he was young, heleft high school and wanted to travel. In december of 1952 he left for NY for basic training for 3months In 1953 he went to supply school in NJ for 7 months He was assigned to Tripoli North Africa for supply duty In 1955 he was reassigned to Alberquerque to the sight were they had tested the Atomic bombs He did another 4yrs on reserve duty after he left the military he returned to columbus and got a job at an electronics company