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"History is one of the most important topics that can be studied
because as it repeats, history will help foretell the future." Milo
  USS ESSEX based TBMs and SB2Cs dropping bombs on Hokadate  
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Larry Wade Army

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Larry Wade - 3839 Views
honored by William T. Bentley Sr.

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Assigned: 2nd infantry division (katusa's)
Highest Rank: E4
Entered Service: 1/16/1968
Exited Service: 1/16/1970
Foreign Service Length: 1 year
Location of Service: Korea
Gender: male
Basic Training: unknown
Military Position: Artilleryman
Place of Separation: Fort Dix New Jersey
From City: Columbus
From State: Indiana
Date Deceased: 11/2010
My War Stories
  1968 Larry and i first met in a.i.t. at fort Sill ,OK. in 1968. After graduation we were assigned to the 1st battalion 3rd armored cav reg. while there we served on the burial detail and performed our regular duties as artilleryman. In 69 Larry went to KOREA and i thought he went to Nam same as me. Well, i didn't see Larry anymore after that but i did find him a few yrs back but he didn't know who i was so we never saw each other in person. I felt that i had found the right guy even though he kept telling his wife he didn't know me and he had never had been to WA. i kept trying to make contact to no avail. I sent photos of myself to his wife but they did make the connection. I got my mail out of my box on Christmas and his wife sent the photos back along with some of his. It was my friend Larry but it was to late, he passed on 11/11/2010.

My War Pictures
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  Larry Wade on patrol in South Korea 1969 with 2nd .inf.div.Katusa's Larry Wade on patrol in South Korea 1969 with 2nd .inf.div.Katusa's taken in South Korea in 1969 taken in South Korea in 1969